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Once upon a time, a princess displeased her tyrannical father and was banished from their kingdom.

Once upon a time, a tiff between fairies spilled into the human world, catching up a bunch of unsuspecting mortals in their mischief and magic. 

Once upon a time, three witches made a prophecy and threw Scotland into war.

Once upon a time, a man named William Shakespeare wrote dozens of plays that changed the world. He wasn’t a prince or an aristocrat of any kind - he was the son of a glover. And he read books and newspapers, listened to the stories of people he met, and distilled them into tales of shipwrecks, falling kingdoms, and romance. 

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We begin April 21st, 2023!

What is this exactly?

We’re just going to put our cards on the table. We love Shakespeare. We love it with the same intensity and starry eyes as we love fairy tales… because a lot of how Shakespeare works is very similar to fairy tales! 

Sara grew up volunteering at the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern to get free tickets to all the shows, and she was a member of the Atlanta Shakespeare Teen Ensemble which met at Oglethorpe University every Saturday morning at 9am. (If you know Sara and how much she loathes mornings with every fiber of her being, you will understand how insane this is.) She also formally studied Shakespeare at UPenn and Oxford, and the fact that she wrote her dissertation on folklore and fairy tales in 19th-century literature instead of in Shakespeare is literally just down to which professors she met and clicked with first. 

Brittany fell in love with the language of 
Romeo and Juliet at a young age and never really got over it - especially not after she saw the dazzling neon spectacle that is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet film! As a high-school girl who longed to be an actress, she studied countless performances, trying to figure out what it really was that brought Shakespeare’s words to life. 

It makes us absolutely NUTS that Shakespeare is perceived as elitist and inaccessible, when, once upon a time, people knew it was beautiful, zany, sometimes slapdash, sometimes ethereal, and, most importantly, 
for themBecause it was informed by stories they knew, by their own folklore, performed or read in a way that could make it feel as familiar as Cinderella or Slenderman does to us now.

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The Regular Course

5 Live Lectures
on Wednesdays at 7PM ET
- April 26th, May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, and May 24th

Access to All Reading Materials

5 Sets of Discussion Questions

5 Grimoire Pages

Access to Our Private
Group on Facebook (with the MOST amazing and brilliant community!)

BONUS lecture from Shakespeare scholar Dr. Charlotte Artese

A BONUS lecture from Shakespeare actor, writer, and artist Emily Carding

A BONUS playlist of songs inspired by all 36 of Shakespeare's plays


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The Regular Course

Everything You Get
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5 Interactive Live Seminar Sessions
on Additional Readings
on Thursdays at 7PM ET
- April 27th, May 4th, May 11th, May 18th, May 25th

Additional Materials
(some books and films you will have to acquire yourself though!)

Extra support and scholarship
from Sara and Brittany!


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What Are The Seminars?

The seminars are a completely optional addition to the course! You can 100% take the course without it (just click that option above!) - all the materials will still stand alone and make sense.

BUT we also wanted to create an option for those who want to go a bit deeper, something that would function like a university seminar. In this option, we'll have five additional meetings in which we discuss five additional long-form texts that simply don't fit into the lecture format (or the expected reading workload.) The seminars give us additional course time to talk about these extra texts.

More importantly, the seminars give YOU a chance to talk, beyond the chat during the live lectures or the Facebook group. This is your chance to ask us questions directly, share your thoughts and observations out loud with your classmates, and to experience the collaboration and community that we loved in our own university seminars. 

If you’ve ever wanted to go more in-depth at Carterhaugh - if you wanted even more scholarship and discussion and a chance to participate on a deeper level - this is for you. Select the seminar option above!

Open your mind to tales and your heart to magic.

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